Okay… Just what the heck is Stallord, anyway?

I’ve thought about this for a while, and while it’s probably irrelevant to the story here’s what I came up with… Just what the heck is Stallord, the boss of Arbiter’s Ground? Or rather, what was it before it became a fossil? Is it maybe some sort of guardian of the Twilight Realm, because the room is set right before the altar where the Twilight Mirror is? Maybe that’s why it reacted to Zant stabbing a sword into its skull? Is Stallord maybe connected to the Arbiter’s Ground itself and all of the Stalchildern and ReDeads in there? Is he some sort of ancient deity they worshipped in life a long time ago? Or is he just some sort of monster, maybe the cause of the place being mostly in shambles?

The fight with him is awesome and very unique, the music is great, and the creature is fearsome… But what the heck is it? Let your imaginations run wild… Let’s see what you’ve got.

My First Post

Hey guys, I’m HylianHero7. This is my first post here. I’m not really too great at this, but i will try my best. So, this is my first time on here, as I’ve said earlier. I LOVE The Legend of Zelda series! It is my favorite game series of all time. I started playing it when i was about 4, and i loved it.

I love the music in all the games. I may sound a little odd to you guys, but i find most music in the games to be much better than the radio. I think the best music is from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Anyway, I also just like Link’s tunic. I say its the coolest “costume”. It just fits his personality so well and just, well, epic! Also, the Master Sword is probably the most creative sword I’ve seen. I have noticed that it changes colors depending on what game it is in. Some games its blue, others its purple. i find that a little strange. I say it looks better purple, but thats just me.

Well, thats just a brief summary of why i love The Legend of Zelda. I could go on for hours about it. So yeah, that’s me. I will be posting every week at least once, so make sure you check them out!

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Prince

Has it ever occurred to you that if Link was a girl and Midna was a boy it would make Linkette and Midno going on an adventure to the Twilight Realm. This would change a lot of the story line. First off, Ilia wouldn’t care about Linkette at all. Judging by the fact that the only reason Ilia liked Link was because he had a horse, you can pretty much tell she would just steal the horse and leave Linkette to walk around by himself on Hyrule Field. Instead of Link and Ilia falling in love the new ending is Linkette and the Postman falling in love. I’m not exactly sure how that happens but apparently Linkette has an interest in mailmen. Midno, on the other hand, would probably spend the entire time wondering why he looks so much like a girl when he is really a boy. Midno also thinks girl wolves are for losers and ditches Linkette early in the game. When you really think about it, Link’s life would be ruined if he became a girl. (I mean seriously, who would want to marry the postman?)

-Boring Office Guy


Lucky for me, this Christmas I got Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Zelda Spirit Tracks, and a Zelda Shirt. I’ll probably make my next video in my Zelda Shirt. Spirit Tracks is much better than I expected and I suggest that you buy it too. I especially find the opening inspiring. I have seen the opening about 30 times and I still watch when I open my game.

Twili Creatures

Twilight Princess has a lot of strange and unique creatures and places that are not in most Zelda Games. One of which are the Twili beasts. Let’s see, what is their to say about them? Well, they come out of warps and are impossible to kill without Midna’s locking power. If you don’t use Midna’s power to kill the last few all at the same time, the last one will screech and wake up the other beasts. If you kill them, they disappear and you can use their warp. In a way, these Twili Creatures are the most helpful bad guys in the entire game. (That doesn’t include bosses.) Of course this doesn’t mean I see them in the game and say “Yay! Creatures of eternal shadow have come to give me gifts and if I fail their challenge I die!” They still annoy me when I see them. In conclusion, thank you for reading my post on the Twili Creatures.

New Rules

I’ve made a few new rules for the members of this website so you viewers will not be as dissatisfied as you may have at one time. There was a week of activity and then 6 months of nothing. With these new rules you don’t have to worry about those 6 months becoming 7 or more. I’m currently trying to figure out how to put a new video on this website. I’m calling it “The Worst Ever Walk-through of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.”

TPMagic Reborn

This website was dead. Now it’s coming back. We now will make it so that each of our members post every month in order to satisfy our readers. Many of them think our website is dead but we will rise our website again. This time even further then before. We will get more members, viewers, and even maybe fans. Soon this website will bring back Twilight Princess and many people will know who we are. Now that I’m done with my dramatic speech I think I might make a video that I will upload to TPMagic. Twilight Princess Magic will be very popular. And Twilight Princess even more than that.